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Lea is a certified French Teacher from the Alliance Francaise de Paris. She has been teaching French for 8 years in Australia, France, and Canada.

Born in Tours, an hour by train from Paris, she has been living on French islands during her childhood. Have you heard of Tahiti and Reunion Island?

Tahiti is a French territory located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean between New Zealand and Chile. The official language is French and locals also speak Tahitian. Tahiti is the largest island of the 118 islands of French Polynesia!

She also lived in Reunion island, a French department located near Madagascar. The official language is French and local also speak Creole. The name Reunion Island very much captures the essence of this place with populations from Africa, Madagascar, Asia and Europe, this island’s success as a melting pot of cultures is a happy exception in the current political landscape.

She loves France and French culture and would like to share her knowledge with you.