7 French Gift Ideas In Vancouver

If you’re wishing to gift a little piece of France to your loved ones (or to yourself, no one will judge 😉) this holiday season, read on for 7 French present ideas in Vancouver!

With an ever-growing population of French expats, Vancouver is a fantastic place to indulge in a great variety of French delicacies and to find authentic French gifts.

Faubourg cadeaux
Learn French in Vancouver
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1. FRENCH LESSONS with Learn French in Vancouver

Do you have friends or family members who are considering a trip to France? Or maybe you know someone who has always wanted to learn French but never took the plunge?

How about offering them the awesome experience of learning French with a native French teacher! 

Whether it’s for fun, for work or for travelling reasons… learning French comes with acquiring valuable skills and broadening our connections with french nationals.  

Learn French In Vancouver is proud to offer a French Transformation Program: 6 Levels of French lessons, from beginners to advanced, to get all the tools you need to speak French fluently. Join the program with a small group or with a private tutor, and take advantage of $20 off with the code HOLIDAYS*.

You can register for any French classes on our website and ask us to send you a “Gift Certificate” including a little message from you: https://learnfrenchinvancouver.com/french-classes/

We are looking forward to helping you or your loved ones meet your French goals!

*$20 off on group lessons packages or private lessons packages of a value equal or superior to $149. Valid until January 15th 2022. 


Cities across France are blessed with a unique smell… the smell of warm croissants!
This buttery smell often wafts through the French streets even before the bakeries open in the morning. 

A sensation, which only a few early risers have the privilege of experiencing, that is now available to you or your loved ones right here in Vancouver!

Thanks to Faubourg and their frozen croissants that can be baked at home, you can gift to the puff pastry amateurs in your life this special experience of waking up to the smell of warm croissants. What better way to brighten a dark, cold, and rainy winter day?


French people have a strong reputation for being cheese lovers. And while this constitutes a cliché, it is also absolutely true! With over 1200 varieties of cheese existing in France, the French have more than enough cheeses to eat 4 new different types each day of the year for a year. No wonder then, that the average consumption of cheese per citizen per year is 26 kg!

If you or a loved one is also a cheese lover, then you can indulge in this decadent dairy wonderland by heading to Les Amis du Fromage. With a carefully curated selection of the finest cheeses from France and Quebec, you’ll surely find the perfect gift for all the tome, comté or camembert connoisseurs in your life!


What’s the first thing that pops into your mind when you think of Paris? The beautiful landmarks? The charming cobblestone streets? Or maybe it’s the prestigious avenues like the Champs Elysées? Nicknamed “la plus belle avenue du monde” (the most beautiful avenue in the world), les Champs Elysées is the flagship location of the famous “salon de thé” Ladurée, known worldwide for its delicious macarons.

Lucky for us, Ladurée has graced Vancouver with its elegant presence so you can experience a little taste of Paris at home when biting into one of their iconic macarons! MIAM! YUMMY!


Did you know that in France, baking pastries is almost considered an art? Indeed, when it comes to creating sweet wonders, precision is paramount.  That’s why French pastry chefs weigh every ingredient when they bake, including the egg yolks! Et oui, c’est bien vrai! If you’re looking to discover the craft of an authentic French pastry chef, look no further than l’Atelier Patisserie.

Franck Buiron, the “Maître Pâtissier” and owner of L’Atelier,  hails from the South of France bringing along his incomparable French “savoir-faire”. The “viennoiseries” (pains aux chocolat et croissants) or the more elaborate “pâtisseries” taste just like in France. Treat your guests to either one of the larger cakes or one of the smaller delicacies at your holiday party and watch them be transported away to pastry heaven!


In the heart of Granville Island lies a hidden gem called L’Epicerie Gourmande. If you want to relax this holiday season and enjoy delicious food at home with no cooking involved, let Chef David Izquierdo delight you.

The French chef, originally from Marseille, goes above and beyond to cook you a classic French feast in his kitchen (so you don’t have to). Hosting a holiday dinner this year? You might even fool your guests and take credit for this delicious homemade cuisine… don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone 😉


Know of any French speakers that are keen to immerse themselves in French culture? Great news! Vancouver is home to many bookshops that offer a wide range of French books. From beginners to advanced levels, reading books in French is a great way to deepen your learning French syntax, grammar, conjugation and all the French idioms.

A large selection can be found at Indigo, and we have a few recommendations for you: 

This comic book is a true staple of French culture. It depicts the tale of two frenchmen warriors called “Gaulois” and their endless battles with the Roman Empire during the era of Julius Caesar. 

  • L’inconnue de la Seine, by Guillaume Musso.

Dive into this intriguing book, which sets the scene in Paris. Fished out of the Seine, an unidentified young woman was taken to the Paris police headquarters. According to DNA analysis, she is Milena Bergman, a famous pianist who supposedly died in a plane crash more than a year ago. Raphaël, her former fiancé, and Roxane, a retired policewoman, try to clear up the mystery.

Follow the adventures of Ellie and her friends, who, while rushing to get the Christmas preparations done in time, end up dealing with a peculiar Santa Claus. If the man appears to be hiding many secrets, he also conceals a weapon in his gift pocket! S.O.S.! The night will be agitated and – oh so – testing!