Top 10 French YouTubers

A great way to learn French is to get daily exposure to it! Watching a youtube video in French allows for building your hearing comprehension and acquiring interesting vocabulary while learning about a topic you enjoy!
Without further ado, here are 10 YouTubers we recommend to watch. Enjoy!

1- Learn French with Alexa

Alexa does a wonderful job at teaching French for all levels, from beginner to advanced. With her corky humor and her short video clips, you will learn a lot about French conjugation, and grammar but also acquire French expressions! Her videos are a great tool to learn from scratch or review key concepts in French. Merci Alexa!

2- Inner French

Inner French is perfect for Intermediate to advanced French learners. This channel is exploring French culture, with videos presenting books and movies recommendations, as well a compilation of common mistakes and tips to learn a language. The speaker articulates nicely and keeps a slow pace so that students can easily pick up his French words. He also creates podcasts that tackle up-to-date conversational topics, such as the effect of the pandemic, France and its stand on civil war, and much more!

3- 2eme peau

Follow the artwork of a Quebec French woman, named Marianne Plaisance. She is very famous for house make-overs, painting and decorating homes. While her videos are not intended to teach French, they are always an absolute pleasure to watch and you might pick up on the very fluent Quebec French expressions that are currently used!

4- Easy Languages

Learning a language allows for expanding human connections. This concept of “Easy Languages” is to chat with locals by interviewing them on the streets. The team gathers about 50 answers to questions such as “What do you think of Paris”, and then the videos present the subtitles in French along with the English translation to facilitate your learning. What an amazing way to discover French culture and its people! On adore!

5- Histoire du Monde

Are you passionate about history? If yes, this is the channel for you! While this channel is not intended to learn French, the speaker is very passionate and has the ability to provide simple and clear explanations of historical events. Even if you don’t pick up every single word, he always provides animations and great summaries in the descriptions. Un grand merci!

6- FrenchPod101

These videos stand out for their format that clearly explains daily expressions, while carefully focusing on pronunciation and listening comprehension! Their videos focus on real-life scenarios, such as ordering food at a restaurant, introducing yourself, and conversational phrases. They also go live, providing words for everyday life. A great tool to boost your French!

7- Greg’s way

Gregoire lives a “Van life”, and he is a professional video creator. His videos are truly stunning, and you can travel with him and live his adventures through his vlogs. He is also passionate about building homes and working on DIY projects. Even though he speaks fast, his personality is very engaging and interesting to follow. Bon voyage 🙂

8- French mornings with Elisa

Elisa is passionate about teaching French and providing all sorts of tips on how to immerse yourself in the French culture. Aside from sharing suggestions on books, movies, and music, she also creates vlogs, Q&A, short lessons, and interviews with Quebec speakers too! With a very smooth and clear voice, Elisa is both charming and funny with tons of little anecdotes. Absolutely perfect for French learners. Mille mercis!

9- Piece of French

Elsa makes a lot of vlogs, which are excellent to learn daily expressions. She speaks as if you were her friend, and incorporates fluent and even slangs sentences that are used every day by French speakers. Learn French while watching her vlogs, her storytimes, or her cooking videos!
Her sense of humor and her authenticity makes her very endearing and easy to watch.

10- Norman

He started as a YouTuber and is now a well-known comedian in France. Norman writes small comedy sketches and incarnates characters with his friends. It’s really funny to watch and even though his channel is not intended as a learning platform, his sketches are so well designed that your French will benefit from his videos! Also, his subtitles are very helpful and clearly stated.

There you go! 10 Youtubers to enjoy while learning French. Have fun discovering French YouTubers and immersing yourself in their universe 🙂

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