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Explore our comprehensive group classes designed to fit every level and learning goal.

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Discover the perfect French course for your level and goals. Our group classes are designed to provide a comprehensive and engaging learning experience, whether you’re a complete beginner or looking to refine your advanced skills. Explore our course offerings below and click “Learn More” to dive deeper into each level.

My French Transformation

Our comprehensive 6-month program takes you from a complete beginner to a confident French speaker. This course combines all six levels, providing a thorough learning experience and preparing you for the TEF exam.

Level 1: Beginner Foundations

Start your French journey with essential vocabulary, basic grammar, and foundational conversation skills. Perfect for those with no prior knowledge of French.

Level 2: Everyday French

Expand your foundational skills by learning to navigate everyday situations and order at restaurants. Build confidence in various social contexts.

Level 3: Future Plans

Advance your French by discussing future plans and describing everyday situations in more detail. Ideal for those with basic knowledge from Level 2.

Level 4: Past Experiences

Enhance your fluency by learning to describe past events and personal experiences. This course emphasizes the use of past tenses for storytelling.

Level 5: Conditional Mastery

Refine your conversational skills and express complex ideas with intermediate grammar and vocabulary. Focuses on conditional tenses and diverse topics.

Level 6: Intermediate Subjunctive

Achieve fluency by mastering the subjunctive mood and other intermediate grammatical structures. Discuss plans, wishes, doubts, and feelings in French.

Conversational French

Enhance your speaking and reading skills while exploring French culture. This course mixes grammar reviews with engaging conversations to build confidence.

Class Location

In-person at L’Atelier co-working space
319 W Hastings St #400,
Vancouver, BC V6B 1H6

(Level 3-Please note there is no elevator to access the meeting room)

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