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Congratulations on your commitment to taking your French to the next level! We are excited to speak with you and help you become fluent in French.

How does it work?

  • During the test, you will answer 15 questions, each question is 1 point.
  • There are 2 open questions after the test, there are optional but we strongly advise to answer them.
  • Once you get your result, you can check out our next French classes matching your level (score from 0 to 15 points) – scroll below.
  • Please note this French test is to help you match your level to our classes but please read the description of each class before registering.

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Group Beginner 1 - Learn French in Vancouver

(0 – 7 Score)  BEGINNER – LEVEL 1

Good try! You may have learned French a long time ago but need to review it from the very beginning? Don’t worry, we are here to help you!

We offer an intensive Beginner French course designed to help you acquire a basic knowledge of the French language in 8 classes. You will be able to communicate clearly and built a comprehensive grammatical foundation.

Group Beginner 2 - Learn French in Vancouver

(7- 9 Score) BEGINNER – LEVEL 2

Well done! You can communicate in French and know the basic of French grammar. You want to feel more comfortable speaking French and practice vocabulary that you used daily at home or at work?

We offer Skype and Private classes that can be ideal to focus 100% on improving your pronunciation and speaking skills.

Group Beginner 2 - Learn French in Vancouver


WOW, Amazing!Great score! It looks like you studied French before! You were living in France or in Québec but need to practice not to forget?

We are happy to share with you a blog article about 8 Ways for you to practice French in Vancouver. You can also join our Skype or Private classes for us to help you practice specific topics.

Learn French in Vancouver classes:

Private Classes - Learn French in Vancouver


These classes are 100% personalized to match your level and interest. Classes can take place in our office, at your office or at a coffee shop of your choice (Downtown area)

Skype Classes - Learn French in Vancouver


Lessons on Skype come in a 60 or 90-minute one-on-one session aimed at busy professionals who want to hone their speaking, reading and grammar skills.