4 classes


90 mins per class


3 students min
5 students max


Levels 1,2,3 and 4





This course will help you consolidate your knowledge of all that you learned in the previous courses (Levels 1,2,3 and 4). You will review the present, future, and past tenses by doing extra exercises. You will also practice your speaking skills with open questions. Your teacher will help you feel confident to continue your French learning journey.

What will I learn?:


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Class 1: Review of levels 1 & 2

  • Greet someone & introduce yourself and a friend.
  • Write a simple postcard to a friend using irregular verbs in the present tense.
  • Describe your daily habits using reflexive verbs.
  • Ask 4-5 questions to someone you just met.
  • Describe your family using possessive adjectives: “Mon, Ton, Son, Ma, Ta, Sa,…”.

Class 2: Review of level 3

  • Share your favorite French recipes including quantities ( un peu de, beaucoup de,…).
  • Describe your home and give directions.
  • Talk about your next weekend.
  • Talk about what you will do next year.
  • Practice “futur proche” and “futur simple”

Class 3: Review of level 4

  • Talk about your last weekend.
  • Talk about the last time you did online shopping.
  • Practice “Passé composé”

Class 4: Review & Questions

When are the next courses starting?

Starting date:

  • Starting date: Tuesday, August 25th
  • Every Tuesday from 5:30 – 7:00 pm (once a week).
  • 4 classes in total
  • We will confirm the class once we have a minimum of 3 students registered.
  • Please note that if we only have 2 students registered each class is 60 minutes (instead of 90 minutes)

Recommended level:

Levels 1,2, 3 and 4 completed


Zoom – Online during COVID-19

How to enroll?:

Make an e-transfer to [email protected] and redeem a COVID-19 Special rate of 139$.


Hit the “Enroll now” button to complete the registration.

Contact us if you have any question


Great company for learning or brushing up on French skills! Lea is a wonderful and delightful instructor who really customized the lessons to help me improve where I needed it most. Highly recommend their classes for Government of Canada employees preparing for French SLE tests. Thanks to Lea, I felt confident in writing the exams and surpassed my targeted goal! Merci beaucoup
I love my classes; Lea and Lola ( my teacher) are very professional and understanding. I taught English as a language for 5 years so I can be pretty annoying and demanding in terms of the material and structure and have no complains. They are effective and fun. I would recommend them highly; I have taken group and private lessons and both I've enjoyed greatly.
Learn French in Vancouver provides highly accessible and rewarding French learning experiences. After my course, I feel confident to read, write and speak beginner levels of French, a result of patient teaching, thorough tutor feedback and the personalized approach of the programme. Coralie is one of the best tutors I have come across - she is extremely patient, well paced and attentive to detail, fielding challenging questions that are common to new language learners. I would recommend her and her classes to anyone - request for Coralie!
Truly enjoyed each class and felt like it was a good mix of fun and productivity! Learned something new and useful each time - would definitely recommend.
I'm currently in the Level 1+2 class and am really enjoying it! Audrey is a great teacher and incredibly helpful. I would highly recommend Learn French to anyone!
Amazing classes! Great Instructors I learned a lot in Level 1&2.Will be back for level 3&4.
Excellent job!!! I've recently completed my first French course for beginners with Bénédicte and I'm truly happy =) If you have a desire to learn French then this is the place to be. All the classes are very informative, practical and interactive. Bravo !
Excellent experiences! I’ve been studied there over 2 years, and I will keep studying there. The teachers are awesome, many languages can be studied there, good to go.
I have always wanted to learn French because I work in an industry where it is widely used. I speak other languages so I hoped it would be easier to learn another one. Lola is an excellent teacher! She is very patient and goes at my pace. She has made the learning experience very enjoyable and informative that I have decided to move on to level 2! Thank you Lola!
I JUST completed Level 2 with Jennifer and from the beginning of Level 1 the experience has been awesome! Jennifer is an extremely capable, patient, professional, and fun teacher! I'm looking forward to continuing my journey of becoming fluent in French! Merci Learn French In Vancouver!
Yasmina is a fantastic teacher - knowledgeable, attentive and patient. She listens to the needs of his students, and draws from her extensive teaching experience to develop a tailored, very effective style.During private lessons, we focus on my everyday speaking and listening skills through casual conversation. Occasionally, we shift to traditional grammar drills. This method is effective and fun for me - times slips by during our meetings. In her group classes, she follows a more structured, yet still very engaging teaching system. They provided me with valuable grammar practice, since it's the most challenging aspect of French for me (as I suspect it is for many others).I am really satisfied with our progress so far. I am constantly getting better at expressing myself and understanding phrases in French TV shows or movies. Yasmina has made learning my 3rd language very fun and rewarding.Merci, Yasmina! (Et...je pense qu'il y a de la vie sur d'autre planètes.)
Coralie has been an amazing tutor. She goes at the pace of the student and is endlessly patient. Her enthusiasm is contagious and helps you want to learn! Highly recommend.
I enrolled a beginner 1+2 course to improve my French. The teacher Prajwal was so nice, very professional and so enthusiastic at teaching! The group was small enough so we had plenty of time to practice the language in class. With the course, I gained confidence and motivation to keep learning French 🙂. I would definitely recommend Learn French in Vancouver!
I haven't used my ability to speak French for over 25 years. I was hesitant at first and I regret not joining the group earlier..Coralie Crouzit was an excellent instructor, instilling confidence in each one of us. Thank you Coralie for tunning out whatever is left of my French Language!
Lea has a real gift for teaching. Her approach is fun and effective, tailored to my level. I can now speak with much more confidence. I recommend Learn French in Vancouver!