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Courses for kids and teenagers provide our younger learners with the opportunity to learn French through a stimulating program on Zoom.

About the teachers

Eloise enjoys every day at school with her students and is happy to see smiles and joy during her classes. She is experienced teaching kids from 5-12 years old and follow the Canadian French curriculum.

Sabrina went one year in Whitecourt (Alberta) to assist the teachers of the French immersion program by doing learning games for the kids (kindergarten to grade 9). After this awesome experience, Sabrina came back to Montebello, Quebec (where she is from) to be a substitute teacher for a year before going back to the West, this time, to Vancouver in 2018 where she mainly does French tutoring for kids.

What will your kid learn?

A dynamic French course that includes games, songs, readings, and creativity to learn French. Eloise or Sabrina will adapt her class depending on the level of your child and the age.

100% Flexible Format on Zoom:

We understand every child is different and has a different pace, that’s why you could choose between:

– Class packages of 30 minutes each (Recommended for students aged between 4-9 years old)
– Class packages of 45 minutes each (Recommended for students aged between 10-14 years old)

Recommended level:

As this program is 100% tailored to your child’s needs, there is no recommended level to start but we advise to practice twice a week.

Content: 2 options

Our own “French Discovery” program for beginners: We have created our own content, it is a very interactive and fun presentation for children to learn and remember French at all ages. It is perfect to learn very practical French if you are planning to travel to a French destination with your children in the next 12 months.

– We also offer the option to follow the Canadian French curriculum using the SmartFrench book collection:

SmartFrench – Kindergarten (Sample)
SmartFrench – Grade 4 (Sample)
SmartFrench – Grade 5 (Sample)
SmartFrench – Grade 6 (Sample)
SmartFrench – Grade 7 (Sample)


Please note that all our classes are on ZOOM until further notice

How to enroll?:

Hit the Enroll button or contact us if any questions


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  • 10 CLASSES
  • 15 CLASSES
  • 30 MINUTES
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  • 495 $
  • 45 MINUTES
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  • 2 STUDENTS OR MORE (price per student)
  • 10 CLASSES
  • 15 CLASSES
  • 30 MINUTES
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  • 370 $
  • 45 MINUTES
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Just finished taking the level 1 class here and it was a blast! If you want to learn French in a fun environment and learn lots in a short amount of time then this is your place! Also JP was a awesome teacher!
I took the intensive beginner 1+2 classes and am very glad I did. Lea provides a good introduction and is well prepared with good materials and out-of-class support by email. I recommend it!
I signed up with Learn French in Vancouver through a recommendation and I was paired up with Sophie for private classes. Sophie made learning French super fun! She was extremely flexible and provided some great resources to help improve my French. She was extremely patient, understanding but also up to the task of jumping through sections and speeding through Level 3-6 with me. She tailored my learning to help me pass a government oral exam. I can say I successfully passed the federal government oral exam and achieved the required level b. Thank you Sophie!
Coralie is an excellent teacher. Really learned a lot from her. Loved the smaller classes as it made it easier to ask questions, work on exercises and pronunciation. Definitely hope to take more classes!
I've been very pleased with my one-on-one conversation classes. My instructor Coralie makes useful corrections and suggestions to my spoken French, and has useful ideas for improving comprehension. All this is done in the course of friendly, casual conversation about subjects of mutual interest. My comfort level in French has notably increased.
I have completed beginner 1+2 and had a wonderful learning experience with Coralie!! I feel so lucky that Coralie is my French tutor, since she makes the whole learning experience much easier and full of fun! Very patient, knowledgable and helpful. Highly recommended!
Yasmina is a fantastic teacher - knowledgeable, attentive and patient. She listens to the needs of his students, and draws from her extensive teaching experience to develop a tailored, very effective style.During private lessons, we focus on my everyday speaking and listening skills through casual conversation. Occasionally, we shift to traditional grammar drills. This method is effective and fun for me - times slips by during our meetings. In her group classes, she follows a more structured, yet still very engaging teaching system. They provided me with valuable grammar practice, since it's the most challenging aspect of French for me (as I suspect it is for many others).I am really satisfied with our progress so far. I am constantly getting better at expressing myself and understanding phrases in French TV shows or movies. Yasmina has made learning my 3rd language very fun and rewarding.Merci, Yasmina! (Et...je pense qu'il y a de la vie sur d'autre planètes.)
I enrolled a beginner 1+2 course to improve my French. The teacher Prajwal was so nice, very professional and so enthusiastic at teaching! The group was small enough so we had plenty of time to practice the language in class. With the course, I gained confidence and motivation to keep learning French 🙂. I would definitely recommend Learn French in Vancouver!
I have always wanted to learn French because I work in an industry where it is widely used. I speak other languages so I hoped it would be easier to learn another one. Lola is an excellent teacher! She is very patient and goes at my pace. She has made the learning experience very enjoyable and informative that I have decided to move on to level 2! Thank you Lola!
Completed the intensive beginner 1+2 course and it was awesome. Lea was very approachable and helpful (both in class and outside of class via email). I've learnt a lot in the past month, thank you Lea!
Lea has a real gift for teaching. Her approach is fun and effective, tailored to my level. I can now speak with much more confidence. I recommend Learn French in Vancouver!
I had a great time taking the beginner course at 'Learn French in Vancouver', the teaching was really good and everyone was very friendly. Classes went at the students' pace and the teacher was always happy to answer questions or explain things again. A great introduction to French culture as well as the language. The whole experience was brilliant, would highly recommend 🙂
Excellent job!!! I've recently completed my first French course for beginners with Bénédicte and I'm truly happy =) If you have a desire to learn French then this is the place to be. All the classes are very informative, practical and interactive. Bravo !
I highly recommend these courses for anyone who is interested in pursuing French! (especially for beginners)I had just completed the Beginner 1+2 class and I would say, it was quite a joy to have both Anick and Lea teach us the basics and foundations of French! (They even included some vocab and differences between France and Quebec Français and I really appreciate that!They really try hard to make the learning environment comfortable and safe where mistakes are encouraged even, cause how will you learn if you didn't make mistakes?Merci beaucoup!~
Coralie has been an amazing tutor. She goes at the pace of the student and is endlessly patient. Her enthusiasm is contagious and helps you want to learn! Highly recommend.



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