4 classes


90 mins per class


3 students min
6 students max


Beginner 2
or similar




Covid-19 Update:

  • We are offering small group classes on Zoom (Minimum 3 students – Maximum 6 students) at a discounted rate.
  • We have fantastic reviews of our online classes from our students.
  • Our teachers are based in Vancouver (Canada) working from home.


This French course is designed to build up a solid foundation in order to express yourself in basic and common situations. We suggest joining this class once the course “Levels 1 & 2” has been completed.

What will I learn?:

You’ll learn how to:


  • Share your favorite French recipes.
  • Describe what you have for breakfast using “quantity” adverbs correctly.
  • Describe your home and give directions.
  • Talk about your plans for next weekend.
  • Differentiate hypothetical and confirmed plans in the future.


  • *Focus*: Conjugate regular verbs using Future tenses:
    – Futur simple
    – Futur proche
  • *Focus*: Express quantity:
    – beaucoup de, un peu de, un verre de, une cuillère de, etc…
    – un, une, des, du, de la, de l’, des, le, la, l’, les, etc…
  • And more..!

When are the next courses starting?

  • Starting date: Thursday, July 29th
  • Once a week
  • Time:  5.00pm
  • 4 classes in total.
  • We will confirm the class once we have a minimum of 3 students registered.
  • Please note that if we only have 2 students registered each class is 60 minutes (instead of 90 minutes)

Recommended level:

Levels “Beginner 1 and 2” or similar.


ZOOM – Online during COVID-19

How to enroll?:

Hit the “Enroll Now” button to complete the registration.

Contact us if you have any questions.


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You will understand familiar words and basic phrases concerning yourself, your family and immediate concrete surroundings when people speak slowly and clearly at present and past tenses.


You will also be able to describe your daily activities and speak about your family using the present and past tenses. You can go shopping in Paris. You can ask and answer simple questions on familiar topics.


You will be able to read and understand dialogues between 2 people or more at future tense.


You will be able to write a short text about your future weekend or future holidays using the future tense.


Lo recomiendo cien por cien. Fue un acierto encontrarla
Chelo Marques
Chelo Marques
23:28 06 Jul 21
Teachers are passionate, friendly and patient. It's a bit fast paced program but i think you need to give time going over the past lessons over and over again until it sinks into your head.
Marvin Tala
Marvin Tala
17:00 31 May 21
Coralie is such an amazing teacher. She is really supportive and I enjoy her class so much!
jijun chen
jijun chen
03:06 28 Apr 21
Took beginner class with Coralie. Content very structured. Good introduction to French and friendly learning atmosphere.
Hanna Yu
Hanna Yu
19:27 26 Apr 21
I'm having Zoom classes with Sophie and couldn't be happier! She is very attentive, patient, class-ready and fun. The exercises she prepares for homework are an great complement to the classes and the way she presents new subjects, given examples, makes the classes super interesting! 🙂
Camila Bianchi
Camila Bianchi
04:28 13 Apr 21
Coralie is great, very good feedback and easy to follow coursework, meets you at your level and corrects your pronunciation but not too much 🙂
Alex Garnett
Alex Garnett
18:00 01 Apr 21
I started my French-Learning journey with Learn French in Vancouver and I have no doubt but to recommend this centre. Class with Coralie is always cheerful. Coralie always welcomes students, tries to engage all the classmates during class. Even a student like me with zero level French can enjoy a lot for the last 8 weeks of beginner course. Looking forward to attend more of her class! 😀
Jieun Hong
Jieun Hong
23:08 03 Mar 21
Attended private zoom classes with Coralie who has been amazing! Originally applied for level 3 group classes but was recommended to do private classes which has been a great help so far! Coralie knew where to get started on the learning and tailor it to my needs.Would recommend this to anyone learning french from scratch or to just improve their knowledge of it!
Marlene Desmette
Marlene Desmette
06:39 28 Jan 21
I've been very pleased with my one-on-one conversation classes. My instructor Coralie makes useful corrections and suggestions to my spoken French, and has useful ideas for improving comprehension. All this is done in the course of friendly, casual conversation about subjects of mutual interest. My comfort level in French has notably increased.
Peter Carver
Peter Carver
22:20 25 Jan 21
Excellent experiences! I’ve been studied there over 2 years, and I will keep studying there. The teachers are awesome, many languages can be studied there, good to go.
Dong Zili
Dong Zili
05:27 15 Dec 20
I signed up for level 1 + 2 class with Coralie. It was great. Coralie makes learning French really fun as it should always be and shares a lot of good tips and stories behind the languages. I would highly recommend Learn French in Vancouver to anyone who's hoping to start learning this beautiful language.
Ann Le
Ann Le
05:26 07 Dec 20
I signed for level 1 + 2 class with Coralie. It was great. Coralie makes learning French really fun as it should always be and shares a lot of good tips and stories behind the languages. I would highly recommend Learn French in Vancouver to anyone who's hoping start learning this beautiful language.
Ann Le
Ann Le
06:22 06 Dec 20
I was a complete novice when I started French class with Coralie. After only a few weeks I feel like I know hundreds of vocabulary words and really have a strong grasp of French conjugation. Coralie was super efficient in class and gave us so much useful information and tips on how to speak French. I am going to continue taking French class here for many months to come as I believe this is a real path to fluency!
Emily Thiagaraj
Emily Thiagaraj
00:37 04 Dec 20
I have recently completed a series of Beginner Level 1 + 2 private French lessons with Lola. She is a wonderful teacher!. Due to the pandemic, Lola and I use ZOOM for my weekly lesson. She is a very warm person who makes learning pleasant and safe. Lola clearly knows her subject very well and has a gift for simplifying things. The lessons are practical and Lola is very knowledgeable and clear. I highly recommend Lola as a French teacher. I make these observations after teaching for many years myself. I am a lawyer who served for approximately a decade as an adjunct professor of law in the Faculty of Law at the University of British Columbia, and roughly 25 years as a lecturer with UBC’s Sauder School of Business.
L Tea
L Tea
01:49 13 Nov 20
I recently started private French classes with Coralie and all I can say is she is terrific from getting the best out of you whilst also making it fun and enjoyable at the same time. This is first time I can say I really look forward to my French classes now having joined this school, only regret is I didn't do it sooner. I highly recommend Coralie or any tutor of the learn French in Vancouver team as they are awesome and have courses to suit everyone.
Ollie Campbell
Ollie Campbell
04:15 29 Oct 20
I've been looking for a french school like this for so long. I've done little bits of french here and there, but always felt underwhelmed and like my teachers weren't really invested in my success. I just completed the level 1-4 consolidation course with Coralie, and for the first time I feel like I'm actually on the road to becoming fluent if I keep putting in the effort. Lea was also a huge help in ensuring that I was taking the right level for my ability from the beginning. Can't say enough good things about this school, and i'm looking forward to the next level!
A Google User
A Google User
17:20 17 Sep 20
My son’s been really enjoying learning French with Lola and I’m happy to see his improvement; I really appreciate it.Merci beaucoup 🙂
A Google User
A Google User
17:23 16 Sep 20
Coralie is an excellent teacher. Really learned a lot from her. Loved the smaller classes as it made it easier to ask questions, work on exercises and pronunciation. Definitely hope to take more classes!
Allen M. Quinn
Allen M. Quinn
19:32 17 Aug 20
I have always wanted to learn French because I work in an industry where it is widely used. I speak other languages so I hoped it would be easier to learn another one. Lola is an excellent teacher! She is very patient and goes at my pace. She has made the learning experience very enjoyable and informative that I have decided to move on to level 2! Thank you Lola!
Gerri Torres
Gerri Torres
00:01 11 Aug 20
I have completed beginner 1+2 and had a wonderful learning experience with Coralie!! I feel so lucky that Coralie is my French tutor, since she makes the whole learning experience much easier and full of fun! Very patient, knowledgable and helpful. Highly recommended!
Yvonne Lou
Yvonne Lou
00:21 03 Aug 20