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The fastest and most flexible way to improve your pronunciation skills at Learn French in Vancouver is with an individual course. Your teacher will prepare your lessons based on your specific needs: sounds, connected speech, intonation or/and accent.

What will I learn?:

In your first class your teacher will listen to you speak naturally and test you on different aspects of pronunciation.

Then you’ll learn the areas that are relevant to you focusing on one or two sounds before learning the whole range of sounds, we’ll plan your course around your priorities.

The lessons are designed for you to improve your pronunciation step by step after each class.

Improving pronunciation involves a lot of repetition of any sounds that are difficult. This should be repeated as often as possible to build up the strength in your mouth and your listening accuracy. You’ll also have some exercises to do for spelling to sound, and ear training.


  1. Assessment of your accent
  2. Understand how the mouth muscles work
  3. Train the muscles
  4. Learn the most important IPA (phonetic) symbols
  5. Focus on important sounds
  6. Practice materials to study at home after each class
  7. Guidance on how to practice
  8. Speak clearly & confidently!

Recommended level:

As this program is 100% tailored to your needs, there is no recommended level to start.


In-Person at L’Atelier Coworking
#400 319 W Hastings St, Vancouver

How to enroll?:

Hit the “Enroll now” button to complete the registration. Or Contact us if you have any question.


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Lea has a real gift for teaching. Her approach is fun and effective, tailored to my level. I can now speak with much more confidence. I recommend Learn French in Vancouver!
Coralie has been an amazing tutor. She goes at the pace of the student and is endlessly patient. Her enthusiasm is contagious and helps you want to learn! Highly recommend.
Yasmina is a fantastic teacher - knowledgeable, attentive and patient. She listens to the needs of his students, and draws from her extensive teaching experience to develop a tailored, very effective style.During private lessons, we focus on my everyday speaking and listening skills through casual conversation. Occasionally, we shift to traditional grammar drills. This method is effective and fun for me - times slips by during our meetings. In her group classes, she follows a more structured, yet still very engaging teaching system. They provided me with valuable grammar practice, since it's the most challenging aspect of French for me (as I suspect it is for many others).I am really satisfied with our progress so far. I am constantly getting better at expressing myself and understanding phrases in French TV shows or movies. Yasmina has made learning my 3rd language very fun and rewarding.Merci, Yasmina! (Et...je pense qu'il y a de la vie sur d'autre planètes.)
I had a great experience taking private lessons through Learn French in Vancouver. My teacher was Anne, and she was welcoming, a clear communicator, and very willing to adjust the content of the lessons based on my particular learning needs and style. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone wanting to brush up their French language skills.
I began lessons with the goal of eventually going to France with a working holiday visa. I took private lessons with Noëlie for one year, right up until my departure. To say it was a great experience would be an understatement. Before I started the course I was asked to specify what I wanted to achieve, which was to develop speaking skills/gain confidence with the language. I knew a very little bit of French already, but I was nowhere near the level I wanted to be. We began with core course material and as things proceeded it became more personally tailored; for example I would be asked to prepare a topic that I was interested in for discussion and then we would speak about it in the lesson, or we would work on vocabulary/grammar that was aligned with my needs. Towards the end we were spending significant portions of the lessons entirely in French. The prospect of learning a language was daunting for me at first (I have always struggled with nerves in general), but Noëlie was always patient and encouraging and I came out the course feeling empowered, like a door had been opened to a new world. As I write this I am seated at a table in Lyon, day 5 into my working holiday and the success of Noëlie's teaching is already clear. Can't recommend her enough. Thank you.
Professional instructor, great pace, and I appreciated the group dynamic and structure. I would recommend A1+A2 if you're looking to quickly establish a good foundation for future french learning. Bon courage!
I took the intensive beginner 1+2 classes and am very glad I did. Lea provides a good introduction and is well prepared with good materials and out-of-class support by email. I recommend it!
Lea is a amazing teacher and is so supportive, helpful and flexible in learning french. She tailored my lessons specifically to what I wanted to learn. I highly recommend her!!!!!
Coralie is such an amazing teacher. She is really supportive and I enjoy her class so much!
I had some informal experience in learning French so it was hard to decide where I should start with classes. After completing the online test and having a great phone conversation with Lea we decided that private lessons would be the best way to tailor the curriculum to my level and allow me to progress the quickest. I chose Learn French in Vancouver because it appeared much more welcoming than the other organisations in town and this was absolutely my experience. The lessons were engaging, challenging, supportive and left me excited to go and do my home work. Lea provided a host of additional resources so i felt empowered to carry on with my own study and make the most of it. I will be going back to Learn French in Vancouver soon!
The Learn French in Vancouver team has gone above and beyond to support me with my conversational and practical french skills throughout the pandemic. The team is generous with their time and expertise, and I greatly appreciated that they put forth so much effort to make the lessons relevant to my day-to-day life. The classes were fun and were something that I looked forward to week to week. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a fun language class setting.
I signed up with Learn French in Vancouver through a recommendation and I was paired up with Sophie for private classes. Sophie made learning French super fun! She was extremely flexible and provided some great resources to help improve my French. She was extremely patient, understanding but also up to the task of jumping through sections and speeding through Level 3-6 with me. She tailored my learning to help me pass a government oral exam. I can say I successfully passed the federal government oral exam and achieved the required level b. Thank you Sophie!
Lea is awesome! Very professional and passionate. I really enjoyed the small class setting too.Highly recommended!!!
Amazing classes! Great Instructors I learned a lot in Level 1&2.Will be back for level 3&4.
I have completed beginner 1+2 and had a wonderful learning experience with Coralie!! I feel so lucky that Coralie is my French tutor, since she makes the whole learning experience much easier and full of fun! Very patient, knowledgable and helpful. Highly recommended!



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