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Preparation to TEF (Self-Study)


This program focuses on the preparation of the TEF exam which is an official international exam used to measure your level of fluency in French.

You can choose between the following options:

  • Self-study and prepare for this exam using the online platforms: PrepMyFuture + French Transformation bootcamp.

  • Combine Self-study online training with private classes to assist you in your preparation.

100% Self-study online platform Bootcamp

“PrepMyTEF  + French Transformation”

One-year full Access to 2 self-study online platforms:

1- “French Transformation Bootcamp covers all 6 levels to learn General French over 50 hours of self-study (+extra time for homework).


– General French course ( Levels 1-6)
– 50 hours of video recordings
– Facebook private group to submit your homework
– Quizzes & Exams

2- “PrepMyTEF covers all 5 TEF exams in over 100 hours of self-study. It is the only official online platform affiliated with the Chamber of Commerce of Paris.

– 2 official mock exams provided by the Chamber of Commerce of Paris.
– TEF activities and exercises
– Grammar and vocabulary recaps
– Explanations in both French and English

Preparation in actual exam conditions:
– Replicates the TEF exam conditions
– Audio recordings and scripts

Full performance analysis:
– Auto-corrected exercises
– Detailed explanations

Learn French in Vancouver has a partnership with PrepMyFuture:


TEF preparation course with a teacher

(Package of 5-hour private classes)

We strongly advise combining your PreMyTEF online training with a package of online private classes to get assisted by a professional French teacher during your preparation.

Depending on your needs, your teacher can assist you on a daily or weekly basis.

You can start with a package of 5-hour private classes, your teacher will explain you the format of the exam, as well as give you extra tips on how to best prepare for it. Please note that we advise to select this option only if you already learnt French in the past. This class is to prepare for the exam specifically, not to learn French.


  • Self StudyPrepMyTEF platform access Only -$55 
  • Self StudyPrepMyTEF + French Transformation Bootcamp platforms – $385
  • Extra private classes to prepare for the TEF – $65 per hour

When can I start?:

You can start anytime! Totally flexible upon your availability as it is a self-study preparation


ZOOM – online due to COVID-19

How to enroll?:

Select the option that fits you the best from the dropdown below or Contact Us if you have any questions.

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If you are planning to immigrate to Canada, these are the mandatory examinations:

• Compulsory Section for Immigration (PR):

Listening Comprehension (40 minutes – 60 items – 360 points)

This test consists of 60 MCQ questions. For each individual question (or set), you will hear a recording. This test runs for 40 minutes during which you will have to keep up with the rhythm of the recording (no pausing).

Written Expression (60 minutes – 2 topics to complete – 450 points)

The test consists of two exercises and lasts 60 minutes. You must write two long texts on paper. You manage your time the way you want to.

Reading Comprehension (40 minutes – 60 items – 360 points)

This test consists of 50 MCQ questions. For each question (or set), you will have to read a document and answer accordingly. You have a total of 60 minutes to complete, you are managing the time you spend on each question.

Oral Expression (15 minutes – 2 topics to complete – 450 points)

You will be passing this test facing an examiner from the TEF who will evaluate your ability to express yourself in French. The interview lasts 15 minutes, it is based on two exercises that set the scenario.

Check out the official Government of Canada’s website, to learn about the level requirements for immigration purposes.

Please note that we offer TEF preparation classes but we are not an exam center, neither can we register on your behalf.  Contact the Alliance Francaise or College Educacentre to register for the exams.

Please note that we receive a lot of inquiries from students requiring a level CL5 for immigration purposes (level intermediate).
We strongly advise you to check the
Government of Canada website for official, accurate and updated information about the TEF exam and the level required depending on your profile.

If you are totally new to the French language, we strongly advise you to start by learning French part of a group setting so you can have an idea of how it is to learn French before you register for TEF preparation training:

> Join our next class: Beginner Levels 1+2 (special offer: $259)

It is important for you to understand that it is a lot of self-study and self-motivation to reach the CL5 level for your TEF exam.
Please note that we cannot promise any results after this preparation as it depends on each student. It is also hard to know how long it takes to reach an intermediate level as it depends on you ( mother tongue, other languages, motivation, time dedicated to studying). We hope the information below will help you take the best decision for you.

If you have learnt French before, you can start to prepare for the TEF exam using PrepMyTEF which is the only official online platform affiliated with the Chamber of Commerce of Paris.