To communicate with over 200 million native French speakers worldwide.

To enhance your travel experiences.

To improve your employment potential.

To boost your academic skills.

To gain access to French-speaking cultures, art, music, literature, and film.

To learn the great language of love and romanticism.


Our teachers are all native from France with a great passion for teaching. They have experience teaching French for all levels and our students are really enjoying our methodology. French classes at ‘Learn French in Vancouver’ are fun and dynamic!



Lea is the founder of Learn French in Vancouver. She is a certified French Teacher from the Alliance Francaise de Paris. She has been teaching French for 8 years in Australia, France, and Canada…Continue reading


Yasmina has a great passion for teaching. During her studies, she was teaching the French language to students in high school. She is creating ‘Learn French’ content and her students have been…Continue reading


Jean-Philippe was a French Teaching Assistant at Wake Forest University (NC, USA), he decided to focus his studies at teaching French and English as second languages. His biggest teaching… Continue reading


Bénédicte really enjoys exchanging with people. She is an expert in teaching French the fun way! She is excellent at motivating you giving the best you can! Born in Fontainebleau, a small town…Continue reading


I joined an intensive French class for beginners.Lea was a great teacher, she made French easy and fun to learn.I loved the format and the small size of the group.
Gabriel Loaiza
Gabriel Loaiza
17:03 14 Mar 19
Just finished taking the level 1 class here and it was a blast! If you want to learn French in a fun environment and learn lots in a short amount of time then this is your place! Also JP was a awesome teacher!
Nick Rinke
Nick Rinke
01:31 21 Feb 19
I'm thrilled I chose "Learn French in Vancouver" to improve my French. Yasmina is a superb teacher. Each session I feel challenged and encouraged at the same time :- )
Sindhu Krishnan
Sindhu Krishnan
20:30 16 Feb 19
Lea is an awesome teacher. I learned so much with her as the class was catered to my speed and progress. Love her enthusiasm to teach and appreciate her flexibility in helping me with my goals for learning the language. I highly recommend taking classes with her! Thank you Lea for helping my progress in french, always being encouraging, and for the great advice and recommendations for my move to Paris 🙂
Chrystal Cheung
Chrystal Cheung
00:12 14 Oct 18
Yasmina is a fantastic teacher - knowledgeable, attentive and patient. She listens to the needs of his students, and draws from her extensive teaching experience to develop a tailored, very effective style.During private lessons, we focus on my everyday speaking and listening skills through casual conversation. Occasionally, we shift to traditional grammar drills. This method is effective and fun for me - times slips by during our meetings. In her group classes, she follows a more structured, yet still very engaging teaching system. They provided me with valuable grammar practice, since it's the most challenging aspect of French for me (as I suspect it is for many others).I am really satisfied with our progress so far. I am constantly getting better at expressing myself and understanding phrases in French TV shows or movies. Yasmina has made learning my 3rd language very fun and rewarding.Merci, Yasmina! (Et...je pense qu'il y a de la vie sur d'autre planètes.)
Horace Fang
Horace Fang
07:06 03 Oct 18
Lea is a amazing teacher and is so supportive, helpful and flexible in learning french. She tailored my lessons specifically to what I wanted to learn. I highly recommend her!!!!!
Lauren VanderPloeg
Lauren VanderPloeg
20:27 08 Aug 18


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