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Facing French Challenges?

Navigating through TEF exam prep, connecting with French relatives, or unlocking French career opportunities can be intimidating without adequate language skills, leading to various obstacles and lost chances. 

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Imagine misunderstanding a crucial TEF exam question or feeling isolated at a family gathering, simply due to language barriers, leading to lost opportunities and disheartening moments.

‘Francademy’ provides a bridge over these language barriers, with flexible, engaging French courses, tailored to your needs and taught by native expert instructors, turning challenges into triumphs. 

Experience the Difference: Our Unique Offerings

Native French Tutors

Our TEF exam preparation program thoroughly prepares you, increasing your chances of passing and obtaining Canadian citizenship.

Flexible Scheduling

With our native French instructors, you'll learn the language and culture authentically, enabling you to speak with confidence and accuracy in real-life situations.

Small Group Classes

Our small class sizes ensure more personalized attention and interaction, providing you with the support you need to excel.

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Transformation In Their Words

Hear from our satisfied learners! Dive into authentic stories of students who’ve transformed their language skills and achieved their French learning goals with our guidance and support.

Daniela Jijon G
Daniela Jijon G
Really great place to study french! Aurelie was the best teacher and guided us throughout the program and got us to a pretty high level in a matter of months. I definitely recommend this place!
Nicole Lee
Nicole Lee
The team has been really great at making sure their students are happy! I initially booked an in-person class that went a little too slow for me and swapped to online classes for a month to test that out instead. I was much happier with my online classes but was worried about switching and not getting refunded. The team reached out to refund and make sure I was getting value out of my classes which is the most important thing. I'm excited to take my DEF with this school!
Janis Hamilton
Janis Hamilton
I can highly recommend Learn French in Vancouver as a way to build your French conversational skills and confidence. After a few years studying French I was ready to start applying it in a "real-life" conversational setting. That is exactly what I found here. Aurelie, my teacher, has the most wonderful way of guiding us while encouraging and creating an ease among us all. It is fun, upbeat and instructive. I'd say to anyone- go ahead, sign up. This is a really good experience.
Seren Kos
Seren Kos
Salut! I've been together with Learn French for four months and it has been an enriching experience for me. Our instructor Eloïse is fun, incredibly supportive and enthusiastic, which greatly motivates the class. In addition, every instructor in the course is extremely passionate about both teaching this beautiful language and explaining in depth the French culture that contributes to this process. While the course provides a solid foundation, I also recognize the importance of personal effort to master this challenging but rewarding journey. I'm happy to choose to Learn French and thankful for guiding us on this exciting language-learning journey! Un grand merci!
Jerry Xue
Jerry Xue
Marion was an amazing professeur! We had 8 private classes with her and she is very patient and kind. Would love to have her again if we come back!
Jenny W
Jenny W
I had a wonderful experience with Learn French in Vancouver! My teacher was Marion and she did a great job of explaining the concepts and ensuring a balance between going through exercises and providing opportunities for us to practice conversational French. I learned so much in my 8 week session, and I would highly recommend!
Rampreet Kaur
Rampreet Kaur
I learned french with Justine 😊. She was super friendly and professional at the same during my french classes. I learned most of the difficult concepts very easily because of her teaching style. She helped me clear all my doubts and encouraged me throughout my french learning journey. I had a wonderful time learning french with her.
Pinar Yaylagul
Pinar Yaylagul
Salut a tous, I am getting my online classes with Ms. Aurelie (Lilly). Always a fun, smiling, courteous and engaging lesson with lots of helpful corrections. She is supportive, promotive during the classes. I like her sense of humor, though. Merci beaucoup!
anita webster
anita webster
My teacher was Eloise. I found her classes well-organized, fun and full of useful material. She helped me with my aim - to revive my French language skills. Merci beaucoup!

Tailored French Experiences for You

Explore our tailored French learning options, designed to meet your unique needs and goals.

Group Classes

Engage in dynamic & small group classes led by native instructors, perfect for interactive learning and building conversational skills in a supportive community.

Intensively prepare for the TEF exam with targeted lessons and practice exams, boosting your confidence and ensuring success.

Enjoy personalized, one-on-one instruction tailored to your specific needs and schedule, accelerating your progress and mastery of French.

Discover Your Path to Success

Select Your Course

Select Private or group classes, online or in-person to fit your schedule and preferences.

Start your French Transformation

Custom plan based on your goals, guiding you through engaging lessons and practical exercises including video challenges and Real-life events to practice French.

Reach your French goals

Pass the TEF exam, Travel to France and Québec, advance your bilingual career, or connect with French-speaking loved ones.

FAQs: Your Path to Clarity

What is the "My French Transformation" program?

“My French Transformation” is a 6-month intensive program that takes you from a complete beginner to a confident French speaker, covering all levels from 1 to 6.

Yes, we can. We offer specialized training for the TEF exam. After completing our main program (‘My French Transformation’), students aiming for specific TEF levels can join our TEF 3-month course, which includes mock exams and exercises specifics for TEF. Or if you prefer, our teachers are also available to assist with private classes, ensuring you’re well-prepared for all sections of the exam

We believe in focused, intimate learning environments. Our group classes usually consist of 6-8 students, allowing for personalized attention from our instructors and active participation.

Our private classes are designed with flexibility in mind. You can coordinate with our instructors to find a time that best fits your schedule, making it convenient for you.

All necessary learning materials will be provided as part of the course, including textbooks, workbooks, and access to online resources.

Our unique “French Transformation” methodology is designed for practicality, focusing on real-life scenarios. Coupled with our native French teachers and an immersive learning environment backed by over a hundred of positive reviews, we offer a learning experience that’s both effective and enjoyable.

Absolutely! Our courses are structured to help students communicate effectively in real-life situations, including travel. By the end of our program, you’ll be well-equipped to navigate French-speaking regions with confidence.

Yes, our courses are tailored not just for day-to-day communication but also for professional environments. With our training, you’ll be well-prepared to pursue and excel in bilingual job opportunities.

All our instructors are native French speakers with extensive teaching experience, ensuring you receive high-quality instruction from passionate educators.

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