5 French Cartoons to Make Learning French Fun

Bonjour! If you’re teaching your children French, or if you’re a growing child who wants to get better at it, there are so many creative ways to do it! The only important thing is that you know how to keep their interests up, and there’s no better way to do this than through (guess what) cartoons!

Here’s how to get your kids to speak French! In one word, this is FUN. Below is a list of 5 French cartoons that you can all definitely enjoy by yourself or as a family. Take note, though, that this list is for kids aged 8+ and also for adults.

1. Asterix and Obelix

What do you think of a show that talks about a magic potion? Sounds fun, right.

What about a show that talks about someone who drinks that potion and gains some magical powers? This definitely doubles the fun. Now, how about we add in more elements to it? Such as a magical potion that many characters take, which gives them temporary magic powers, and then together they have to fight the Roman Empire? 

But wait: here’s the big news. Such a series of cartoon films do in fact exist, and it is called Asterix and Obelix. This actually started out as a comic. From the comic, the storyline was so interesting that developers decided to turn it into a series of full-length films. “Asterix and Obelix” follows the adventures of these two friends that go by the same name, and their daunting challenge of having to resist the Roman empire.

Watch now: “Asterix le Gaulois”

2. Lucky Luke and Les Daltons

Have you ever heard of a gunslinger who ‘shoots faster than his shadow?’ 

Lucky Luke and Les Daltons follow the life of Lucky Luke who is (you guessed it right) the gunslinger who can indeed shoot way faster than his shadow. You might think, “what? Is that even possible?” But then again, maybe you need to remind yourself that in the world of cartoons and animated life, practically everything is possible. Now, surely a man like Lucky Luke and his set of skills will definitely be met with some enemies, and the most popular of these enemies are The Daltons.

The Daltons are composed mainly of four brothers who are also robbers at the same time. These brothers are:
Joe, who happens to be the oldest and the smartest among them (but also the angriest),
William and Jack, who do not seem to have personalities of their own apart from being the middlemen between Joe and Averell.
Averell, who is the youngest and the least smart among the brothers.
Together the Daltons wreak havoc, but of course Lucky Luke is always there to save the day.

Watch now: “Lucky Luke”

3. Tintin

When it comes to choosing cartoons for your kids, maybe one of your problems is in how to keep your kids interested, they will love the Belgium cartoon “Tintin”.

Set in the 20th century, Tintin (or The Adventures of Tintin) follows the epic and exciting adventures of a journalist named Tintin. 

Tintin, as a journalist, is exposed to mysteries and action that he needs to get to the bottom of, and along with him goes his beloved dog, Snowy (Milou in the original). Together, they face incompetent detectives names Thomson and Thompson (Dupont et Dupond in the original), Professor Calculus who is both intelligent and hard of hearing, the opera diva Bianca Castafiore, and the impulsive Captain Haddock, who also happens to be cynical.

What makes Tintin worth the watch is the perfect mix of adventure, French-speaking, and humor, Tintin is definitely one of the best cartoon companions to accompany your kids (and probably you included) in the journey towards becoming a better French speaker.

Watch now: Les aventures de Tintin en Amérique

4. Le Petit Nicolas

Le Petit Nicolas is a cartoon series that is told from the eyes and voice of Nicolas, a child. The series follows the life of Nicolas and his observations of the people around him. Nicolas is the shortest in his class. He values friendship, he loves his parents, and at a young age, he already has a sense of justice. 

The series also includes many endearing characters, such as:
Rex (a dog that Nicolas found, whose real name is Kiki),
Alceste (the best friend of Nicolas, whom Nicolas describes as ‘fat because he eats all the time’),
Louisette (the daughter of a friend of Nicolas’ mother, and Nicolas thinks he’s going to marry her someday because she’s a very good football player).

The humor in Le Petit Nicolas comes in hilarious interpretations of adult behavior. His sentences are very short and often incomplete, to somehow capture how a child actually thinks. All of these and more make Le Petit Nicolas an adorable cartoon series to follow, not just for your children but also for the entire family. And, who would have thought that watching such an adorable show would also help your kids in mastering their French along the way?

Watch Now: “Le petit Nicolas”

5. Titeuf

Do you sometimes feel that being a child means being caught in between so many transitions? There is a transition between being childish and needing to be mature.

This is also the dilemma that is captured by Titeuf, which is one of the most popular French cartoons of all time. The story follows the life of Titeuf, who is a child who realizes that he is no longer really a child, that he needs to grow up. The pains of growing up and maturing are what drives this cartoon series, and that makes it all the more exciting and realistic at the same time.

Titeuf is an 11-year old boy and he is the main character in this cartoon. He is joined by his best friend named Manu. Titeuf’s father is Roger, who is 35 years old. Wearing a black turtleneck and tan-colored pants are Titeuf’s mother, Anne-Mathilde, and she is 33 years old. There are other characters, too, and together they make Titeuf’s life more colorful.

Watch now: “Titeuf”