7 Top French Shows to Watch on Netflix in 2020

From plot twists and thrilling stunts, French series on Netflix never come short in giving us goosebumps, making us cry, or even keeping us on the edge of our seat. No need to worry, as subtitles are provided for in every show. But if you happen to have been taking French classes, this could be one way to practice your French without sacrificing “Me Time.” So here are the Top Seven (oui, oui, seven!) French Netflix series to binge-watch this weekend!

1. La Trêve (« The Break »)

Roughly translated as “The Truce,” this French-language Belgian crime drama first aired its pilot season with ten episodes on the year 2016. The second season followed in 2018 with ten episodes.

The story revolves around Detective Yoann Peeters, played by Yoann Blanc, who aims to solve a suicide-or-murder case after a body of an African football player was found in a river in his hometown of Heidfeld.

A thrilling ride full of mystery that will surely keep you on your toes, La Trêve or The Break is a must-see for anyone wanting a French fix of CSI with all the yellow “CAUTION” tapes and police car sirens.

2. Au service de la France (« A Very Secret Service » )

This is a French comedy-drama released last 2015, with its second season not far behind in 2018.

The show is set in 1960, where the lead character named André Merlaux, accepts a trainee job position in the French Secret Service. He accepted the summons rather eagerly and goes out to be trained by senior colleagues and being watched over by his operations director.
André, who is played by Hugo Becker, is thrown into the job during the Cold War period with France in crisis.

With 12 episodes per season, this is one heck of a laugh trip that will take you on a tour of France at war with snickers and snorts on the side.

3. Les Témoins (« Witnesses »)

Set in Le Tréport, a coastal town just north of France, police detectives Sandra Winckler and Justin (played by Jan Hammenecker) investigate dead bodies and the murders that caused them.

A police procedural series would surely have you biting your nails out of sheer thrill. The whole thing might sound a tad serious, because of the gun and badges and interrogation. But Marie Dopnier, who plays Sandra in the series, won the Best Actress award in the 2015 Biarritz International Festival of Audiovisual Programming. Talk about top quality acting with guns, badges, and interrogation!

The series aired its first season with 6 episodes on 2015 with its second season not far behind in 2017 with 8 episodes. A show with a great view of the beach and a dash of bloody murders for spice.

4. La Mante (“The Mantis”)

Released in 2017, this thriller miniseries has its own charm.

When a series of killings seem to resemble the murders like that of Jeanne Deber, also known as “The Mantis,” police try to find the psychopathic copycat killer behind the murders.
Kept in solitary confinement, Jeanne Deber (played by Carole Bouquet), volunteers to help police catch the killer by offering her expertise in the art of killing.
With one condition: she will only interact with Detective Damien Carrot (played by Fred Testot), her estranged son.

With 6 episodes, La Mante will surely be a thrilling ride! Will they find the killer? Will there be mother-and-son reconciliation? Tune in to Netflix and start binge-watching!

5. Plan Coeur (“The Hook Up Plan”)

This French funny comedy revolves around the world of Elsa (played by Zita Hanrot), who seems to be always so unlucky when it comes to love. When her friends decided to lift her spirits up, her friends hire a male escort, Julies (played by Marc Ruchmann), and make him pretend to be a schoolteacher — all in the hopes of making Elsa have faith in love again.

Friendships are at stake as doubts and secrets unfold. With 8 episodes released in 2018, this show would surely leave your sides hurting from too much laughter. So I guess it’s not too bad to be single – especially when you have supportive friends to make up for it.

But in this show, maybe the friends took “making it up” way too seriously (with the male escort and everything, I know right?) But keep watching, you might be in for more surprises than you think! *fingers crossed

6. Glacé (« The Frozen Dead »)

This French mystery thriller with 1 season and 6 episodes will surely keep you awake at night.

The story starts when a headless body of a horse is found in the town of Saint-Martin-de-Comminges. The plot thickens when the DNA of an imprisoned serial killer is found with the headless horse’s corpse. With Commander Martin Sevaz (played by Charles Berling) and assistant by Captain Irène Ziegler (played by Julia Piaton). Julian Hirtmann (played by Pascal Greggory), the serial killer, is incarcerated in Warnier, a high-security psychiatric prison- which adds a touch of mystery and confusion as to how his DNA was found.

Released in 2017, The Frozen Dead will definitely have you frozen scared as it takes you on a chilly, suspenseful ride.

7. Dix pour cent (“Call My Agent!”)

Released last 2015, Call My Agent! is a story of four talent agents that are struggling to keep the talent agency ASK (Samuel Kerr Agency) afloat.

Following the death of the owner of the agency, Andrea, Arlette, Gabriel, and Mathias go through the ups and downs of show business in keeping their star clients happy. Starring Camille Cottin (Andrea), Liliane Rovère (Arlette), Thibault de Montalembert (Mathias) and Grégory Montel (Gabriel), this comedy shows what happens behind the flashing bulbs and red carpets of fame – and what happens the people who make fame possible for others.

With adventures with detectives solving murders, a headless horse’s corpses, talent agents, scenic views and the whole of France ahead of you, Netflix will surely give you a marathon of a lifetime. So brush up your French, take classes (or don’t) it’s literally up to you. All you have to do is sit back, relax and have one hell of a viewing experience!

With the Top 7 french series on Netflix, what could possibly go wrong? You have been saved from countless hours of scrolling through the series/movie list! From comedy to crime to thriller, we got your back! The French have it covered for you. So what are you waiting for? Grab your popcorn, your trusty earphones (or not, blast them on the speakers!) and pillow, for it is a good day (or night) to binge-watch! Click on the links and dive into a new adventure with each new series here.

So we hope we have helped you narrow your choices down when it comes to the French way of Netflix. This is also a way of showing that France is more than the food, the Eiffel Tower and the splendid views – they also have a deeper touch when it comes to art. Hence, filmmaking! Broaden your mind and extend your reach in your viewing experience. Oui, it may be new for you. But in this way, you could learn a new language, get to see other cultures as you go along and most especially, have a wider point of view of the world. We have always known the French to be passionate, well, this is a good way to get to know their passions in art and in life. So we hope you enjoy every second of it, and, oui oui, we know you will