8 Best Ways To Practice Your French in Vancouver

Did you know that more than 300,000 inhabitants can speak both English and French in British Columbia? Come on! Let’s practice French in Vancouver 🙂

French is the First Official Language of 1.4% of the population in British Columbia and about 7% of the population can speak both English and French. There are 40 French Language schools in BC and Simon Fraser University even offers post-secondary education in French.

We gathered a list of places where you can practice French in Vancouver:

  • French Meetup groups
  • La Maison de la Francophonie
  • Le centre culturel book club
  • Vancouver Public Library – French book Department
  • French Language schools
  • French Cooking schools
  • French restaurants
  • French bakeries



The Vancouver French Language Meetup GroupThis is the easiest way to practice French. You get to meet people from different walks of life. Exclusively wanting to learn the French language from all levels and proficiency? This is the perfect group for you! Go ahead and join the club and become a member then check out the upcoming events near you.


The House of La Francophonie Canada continues to play an active role within the Francophonie, and it is good to be conversing with different people in the organization.

La Maison de la Francophonie in Vancouver has become the gathering place of the Francophones and Francophiles. The center offers a wide range of services, housing Francophone associations hosting French events and activities mostly held at the multi-purpose hall studio 16. Concerts, conferences, and artistic and theatrical performances to name a few.  


The Francophone book club is free for all Francophones in Vancouver who loves to practice public speaking in French. Not intimidating since all excerpts are available and will be provided an approach will subtle and suitable for all levels of French.

This is an every Monday activity hosted by Mélanie Fossourier. So clear your Monday night schedules and join the fun. Le Centre Culture Book club also offers French classes for adults and hold a concert and theatrical events.


Speaking of books, one of the many ways of learning French is through reading. You can start with the selection of the 10 popular French books you can grab at the Vancouver Public Library or you can get it online just subscribe to their newsletter.

The city’s grand central library should be one on your list of places to go to in Vancouver. If you love reading books or hearing local talks and concerts the Vancouver Public library has it. It is always jammed pack with events per week. Book signing, Public Talks and not to mention a collection of excellent one of a kind French Books and novels of all time.

One of my favorite books is the classic “Le Petit Prince” by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. This masterpiece is full of colorful artwork that transcended the true beauty of Humanity.

This all-time classic will definitely bring you to tears. Check the other books too. Le Petit Nicolas by René Goscinny, Le Comte de Monte-Cristo by Alexandre Dumas, Le Mystere de la Chambre Jaune by Gaston Leroux, Les Yeux Jaunes des Crocodiles by Katherine Pancol.


  • Learn French in Vancouver

You can practice French anywhere you want but it is always best to get formal classes in learning the French Language. Learn French offers the best French classes in Vancouver.

They offer group sessions, private sessions, and even Skype sessions. You can take French classes from wherever you are. The courses offered are of different levels depending on your proficiency. An assessment test was given to assess whether you are a Beginner or Intermediate level classes. Prices are reasonable and they have limited offers available on their website. Go book a class now!

Take this Free French test


  • Tartine and Maple Cuisine

One of the most talks of the town in baking and French cuisine classes in Vancouver is of Tartine and Maple. Valentine the owner of Tartine and Maple was born and raised in France. She decided to leave her job as a Head chef baker and focused on teaching how to cook and bake the French way.

Her love for cooking overflows that she wanted to share it with everyone in Vancouver. Her cooking classes are always fun and intimate. She doesn’t make you feel intimidated especially with baking in which it requires precision and accuracy in measurement.

The venue of her classes is very accessible. You can find it in downtown Vancouver. Her classes include French cuisine, baking, patisserie, and more homemade French food that you will surely love. You can also book a cooking party at a location of your choice with your own guest. The best part of having Tartine and Maple is, their class rates are reasonable. You can check their website for more details.

  • Dirty Apron

French cuisine is one of the worlds best-tasting food ever! It is heavily flavored, highly seasoned and not to mention colorful presentation. If you want to learn how to cook A 3-course meal and experience authentic French Cuisine, try this cooking class: “CRÈME DE LA CRÈME – THE BEST IN CLASSIC FRENCH CUISINE”.

Not only will you taste their flavorful food, but you will also learn to know how to prepare the pan-seared Lou de Lobster and Potato Gratin; Classic Chicken Coque au Vin and end it with Chocolate Pot creme. Yummy!

Getting into the cooking class from Dirty Apron will not only help you learn the French language, but it will also improve your expertise in cooking. French food has a modern approach that people in Vancouver loves. So if you want to learn how to cook French the authentic way, reserve a slot or register online ASAP! S’il Vous plaît?


  • Le Crocodile

If you like traditional French cooking with a twist of the west coast style, then you must try to dine in Le Crocodile. Known for its exemplary customer service and adept staff, Le Crocodile offers a wide array of authentic French cuisine, making it a favorite venue of every birthday celebrant.

  • Jules Bistro

Located at the heart of Gastown Vancouver, this authentic French bistro offers a quaint ambiance and scrumptious French food at a reasonable price. Jules Bistro is a good place for yuppies and workmates to hang out during happy hours. A glass of wine starts at $5 and you can get a bottle at $25.

  • Les Faux Bourgeois

This is one of the Highly recommended restos and bistro. Awarded as the Best French Golden Plates, also among top 10 Best restaurants in Vancouver, and almost every food blogger’s favorite place to eat in Vancouver, Les Faux Bourgeois doesn’t need much introduction. You should try and visit the place to see for yourself. Be sure to make a reservation.

  • L’Abattoir

If you’re a meat person, then you will love L’Abattoir. This restaurant serves the best steak in town. They also serve brunch, dinner and sweet dessert with cocktails and wines to go with the food. Its industrial design interior makes it the crowd’s favorite venue for weddings. One of the best restaurants in Vancouver, you should visit it too.

  • Bacchus Restaurant and Lounge

True to its name Bacchus serve some of the best-tasting wine in Vancouver. If you want to relax over the weekend with friends, this is a good place to go. The restaurant has that rustic interior and is perfect for that Friday wine day!


  • Faubourg Paris

Faubourg boulangeries-patisseries was established in Vancouver since 2010. A bakery and cafe they serve hot coffee with their famous macaron. They also serve gourmet lunch and afternoon treats like Tea and macarons. You can also get classes at the Kerrisdale location if you are interested in making macarons.

Faubourg Paris also accommodates special events.

Experience authentic macarons and Brioche at Faubourg Paris.

  • Baguette & Co

Best Baguette and Croissant in Vancouver. They could have named it Croissant and co because their croissant is so good! If you like that crispy, airy texture of croissant definitely you’ll love Baguette and co in Vancouver. You should try their butter croissant, pistachio bun, mini chocolate croissant my personal favorite and almond croissant.

  • L’Atelier Pâtisserie

A pastry shop near the main street, L’Atelier offers freshly baked croissants, brioches, pains au chocolat, Ficelle, Baguette and so much more. Always served hot with hot espresso.